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CLIL for Subjects Primary 17-18

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Tania Moreno

Your task: Plan a cross-curricular mini-project. Your mini-project should incorporate some of the techniques you have seen on the course so far. Complete the table below.

Topic and project title
Business.  Are you an entrepreneur?
Your subject area: How will the project fit with your subject?
Social Science.
According to the Decreto 26/2016 del 21 de julio.
Bloque 3. Vivir en sociedad.
-La producción de bienes y servicios para satisfacer las necesidades humanas. La empresa, Actividad y funciones. Empleabilidad y espíritu emprendedor.
-Las formas de producción. Las actividades económicas y los sectores de producción en España y Europa.
Who are you doing the project with?
Arts and Crafts teacher.
Learning objectives
-To recognize the economic activities and the sectors of production.
-To explain the essential characteristics of a company and to specify the different activities they carry out.
-To know different types of companies.
-To understand the benefits that the entrepreneurship offers.
Anticipated problems (and solutions)
-The first problem I have considered is the lack of time.
-Lack of habit of working in groups.
-They talk too much (and in Spanish).
Possible solutions:
- To distribute tasks to every member of the group.
-To establish a dead line to the different activities.
-To give an extra point if they speak English.

Teach your mini-project. Reflect on how it went. Be prepared to give feedback.

Group and date taught

6th Level. From 5th to 21st February.
What did you do?

(scan and attach a copy of the material you used, or paste any links below)
Last fortnight we have already learnt about the economic sectors in Spain and Europe.
The first activity to work on companies and encourage them to create their own enterprise consisted on asking my students about different jobs and try to identify the economic sector these jobs belong to.
Then we talked about the characteristics they think an entrepreneur have and watched a video about a famous business man.
We watch a video from Storybots (Thomas Edison and the light bulb). We talk about this.
After that, the 21 students were distributed into four different teams.(5-5-5-6)
They read a text about a family whose father created an enterprise.  Then they answered different questions and did some activities. We checked them orally.
They thought about their own enterprise: to choose a product or service; number of employees, departments, how to advert itself, income and expenses…
The last activity is to prepare a presentation about their companies and give their presentations to the class.(21st February).
In Art and Crafts they should have created a model of the company, but they created a city. (No material available).
What went well

My students were really exhausted about creating their own company and work in groups for two weeks.
They agreed easily.

Reflection for future practice
What needed improvement/changes and why

They have to work in groups more frequently. I am going to put them not only in pairs but in small groups too whenever possible.
They speak a lot and try to use Spanish as way of communication. I have to monitor them regularly.
What would you change considering level,  age or other factors

Two weeks (7 hours) is not enough time. Three weeks is the right time for these types of activities.
Reflections should have been worked in small groups in the classroom and then be written at home individually.

Links/materials here:
Video Thomas Edison and the light bulb. (Storybots videos)
Video: www.tiching.com/739705. (Rolley Golf cars inventor)
Text: From Social Science 6.Vicens Vives.

Reflection sandwich.

https://youtu.be/VVIUbsKhm54 (Students opinion about success)


Industry dedicated to the manufacture of medical products for diseases of the heart.
Director General: Santiago Torres Almagro.
Production section: 50 employees
Administration: 50 employees
We serve major hospitals in both Spain and in the European Union. We produce new prototypes by working in collaboration with prestigious medical teams.


Cristina knows that her family hides a very special story. Her father, who is an industrial engineer, owns a company that is dedicated to manufacture of tiny metal devices that are implanted into hearts that are not functioning properly to allow it to do its correct task.
This device did not always exist, and its invention was due, in part, to her brother Pedro. Pedro was born with a heart condition and her father, along with a team of doctors, did not stop researching until they had come up with the design for this invention that has changed their lives.
Cristina wants to know more about her father’s company and asks Peter to visit it with her.
Pedro and Cristina, arriving at the factory, are given a tour of the production area. They greet some of the operators, who have known them since they were born. Cristina looks at the entire production line for the metal pieces like the one her brother has implanted.
Then they go to visit the office area. At the reception, there is a diagram of the structure of the company, the two siblings look at it closely.
Before going to see their father, they decide to look around at the different departments, to learn how they work.
Cristina is particularly interested in the finance department, to understand their daily activities. There, the two siblings meet with Julia Lopez, the head of the department. On her desk, there is a sheet full of numbers.

After this interesting visit, Cristina and Pedro then go to visit the Marketing Department. All of the staff are gathered in an office and have a large image projected onto one of the walls. They are creating the advertisement for the new product that the company is about to launch!
Pedro and Cristina join the meeting. The department members are in full brainstorm mode to find a sentence that will accompany the image. The next most popular is "Torres Medical Solutions, always taking care of your heart."
Throughout the morning, they have not seen their father. They ask for him at the reception and they tell them he's in his office.
When Cristina and Pedro get there, they find a meeting with many cardiologist doctors, who are talking about an idea that they have had to cure an illness. Santiago Torres has already drawn a sketch of a new medical device in his notebook.
On seeing Peter and Cristina coming in, all of those present are very happy. Some of the doctors Pedro has had to visit on many occasions. The children announce the reason for his visit.

1.Peter, who is older than his sister, asks Cristina if she knows what economic sector their father’s company belongs to. She replies without hesitation:
          A     In the primary sector. 
          B     In the secondary sector.
          C     In the tertiary sector.
          D     In the social goods industry.
2.Cristina asks Pedro what functions does the human resources department have, since she has never heard of it. Her brother explains:
          A     To manufacture medical devices.
          B     To sell the medical devices to the hospitals.
          C     To organize and coordinate the different departments of the company.
          D     To organize and manage contracts for employees of the company.
3.Julia tells Cristina that this document is the budget for the next month. Seeing his sister’s face, Peter explains what a budget is:
          A     A document in which the revenue expected is noted.
          B     A document in which revenues and expenses are noted.
          C     A document which plans and projects the income and expenditure they will have.
          D     A document in which expenses incurred over a period of time are recorded.

4.Cristina loves how it sounds! Peter tells her that technically this phrase in the world of advertising is called the:
          A     Issuer.
          B     Slogan.
          C     Claim.
          D     Receiver.
5.One of the doctors tells Cristina that he and her father had invented the device that Pedro has close to his heart. This invention has helped many others. Pedro, who is proud, tells everyone that his father was...
          A     A dreamer.
          B     A collaborator. 
          C     An entrepreneur.
          D     A revolutionary.
6.Santiago Torres blushes. The doctors emphasize the qualities that their father has and that has allowed him to run his business successfully. Cristina makes a mental note about how happy she is to have a father like Santiago:
Qualities and skills
Yes or no?
Yes      /     No
Yes      /     No
Personal insecurity
Yes      /     No
Yes      /     No
Difficulty communicating with others
Yes      /     No

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