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CLIL for Subjects Primary 17-18

Our course for bilingual teachers CLIL for Subjects is about to finish.  We have shared two face to face sessions on 30th January and 28...

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Marta Armenteros

Your task: Plan a cross-curricular mini-project. Your mini-project should incorporate some of the techniques you have seen on the course so far. Complete the table below.

Topic and project title

Your subject area: How will the project fit with your subject?
I was an art & craft teacher, in bilingual, and I ´ll do it in class.
Who are you doing the project with?
I´m doing the project with 6th grade.
Learning objectives
Know what the collage is
Know what material we can work with
Use the recycling materials
Anticipated problems (and solutions)
Not all children have the same ability.
Know what materials the students are going to bring, to make their projects.
Know if all children understand the collage technique correctly.

Use the imagination, and make different models so that they choose one that most suits their abilities.
Present different materials can be used to carry out the work.
View some videos to show the technique and make questions to do the feedback.
Teach your mini-project. Reflect on how it went. Be prepared to give feedback.

Group and date taught

Group 6th primary,  from January 20th  to March 1st
What did you do?

What went well

At this moment I can’t do it, but I think all of this project can go well. With patient everything is possible, and if we leave the children investigate, we will get people who think and work their imagination.

Reflection for future practice
What needed improvement/changes and why
I need more experience and more work and I need to investigate more about this topic in order to improve my technique and so I´ll can teach better and have a wider range of recourses to apply in the classroom.
What would you change considering level,  age or other factors
I think, I´ll change the way of teaching in class, encouraging cooperative work and favouring the imagination through a different techniques to reach an objective.

Links/materials here:
News paper, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, bricks, pieces of cloth.....

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