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CLIL for Subjects Primary 17-18

Our course for bilingual teachers CLIL for Subjects is about to finish.  We have shared two face to face sessions on 30th January and 28...

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Mila Ares y Cristina Guerra

Your task: Plan a cross-curricular mini-project. Your mini-project should incorporate some of the techniques you have seen on the course so far. Complete the table below.

Topic and project title
                                                         “LANDSCAPES THROUGH EMOTIONS ”
Your subject area: How will the project fit with your subject?
Giving the Nature of the subject of Art, the cross curricular work implied in this unit has to do with the wide range of skills children have to develop connected to other subjects.
Who are you doing the project with?
Cristina - Music  and English teacher (Infant Education)
Mila -Bilingual teacher.(Social and Natural Science/English)
Learning objectives
Make observations about different ways of representing landscapes.
Appreciate different ways of doing.
Collect visual and other information to help them develop their ideas.
Collect information about Paul Klee´s life to understand some of their paintings
Select materials and apply different techniques.
Enjoy and feel confident when expressing something.
Compare ideas with the pictures.

Take decisions about the exhibition and share responsibilities.
Respect other’s works
Appreciate different ways of doing.

Anticipated problems (and solutions)
-one of the students may become disruptive during the lesson- Mantain a firm approach with potentially disruptive learners to minimise any disruption to the lesson.
1.      -Stronger students might dominate and want to answer at most stages of the lesson- Give opportunity to every student to answer by different asking strategies
2.      -students might be of different levels – Pair learners.
3.     -students might be unable to keep up with the group dynamics and lose track of what's going on- Adopt a flexible approach to activities.

Teach your mini-project. Reflect on how it went. Be prepared to give feedback.

Group and date taught

 3rd Primary Education. 2 sessions during 3rd term
What did you do?

After observing a power point   presentation about Paul Klee`s life and production, children will have to answer some questions.
1st session
First, through a PowerPoint related to Paul Klee children will learn about different authors. In this case, they will learn the connections between Paul Klee’s life and his paintings.
Next, “I’m a picture: guess my name”They will be given some pictures and titles and they will have to match them.
Then, they will have to anwer some questions about the power point presented the day before.
Finally, They will be given  a scheme with the assigned activity for next session
They will work in groups of four
2nd session
“My painting, my feelings”: They will select the material and the technique they will use, enjoing and feeling confident when the expressing something
 They will create their own production, that is,   an imagined landscape having in mind all the ideas obtained during the lesson..

What went well

At the end of this mini-project, children will know some factors about Paul Klee´s life and style and became familiar with some paintings.
They will express feelings, ideas… by making a composition.
They will take into account different ways of doing by others.
They will have the feeling of belonging to a group.

Reflection for future practice
What needed improvement/changes and why

Projector, PDI, pictures, photocopies of pictures and titles.
 Some of the children could not only present but explain their choices as well.
I didn´t change anything because children liked a lot.

What would you change considering level,  age or other factors

In our opinion , everything was  ok. Children’s feedback has been really good that indicates the project was appropriate for them.

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