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CLIL for Subjects Primary 17-18

Our course for bilingual teachers CLIL for Subjects is about to finish.  We have shared two face to face sessions on 30th January and 28...

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Ana Sánchez Gascón

Your task: Plan a cross-curricular mini-project. Your mini-project should incorporate some of the techniques you have seen on the course so far. Complete the table below.

Topic and project title
An aquatic Ecosystem.

Your subject area: How will the project fit with your subject?
Natural Science, Literacy and Art
Who are you doing the project with?
Leticia González, the Art’s teacher
Learning objectives
-         To know an aquatic ecosystem.
-         To observe the biotic and abiotic elements and their interrelationship in an ecosystem.
-         To classify natural elements.
-         To collaborate in the preservation of natural spaces.
-         To value the importance of respecting and protection the environment.
-         To learn to draw vegetal elements.
-         To learn to draw the landscape we are observing.
Anticipated problems (and solutions)
Bad weather conditions. Postpone it to a different day.
Lack of time. Return in a different day

Teach your mini-project. Reflect on how it went. Be prepared to give feedback.

Group and date taught

5th level. From 14th to 23rd February
What did you do?

See the link below
What went well

High motivation and enthusiasm.
Good collaborative work.
Good performing in tasks

Reflection for future practice
What needed improvement/changes and why.
Better time planning.

What would you change considering level,  age or other factors

More specific directions.

Links/materials here: https://padlet.com/absg/CLILproject

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